OnDemand Webinar: Business Transformation: From Bureaucracy to an agile, innovative, and human-centric organization

This webinar explored how to successfully transform bureaucratic enterprises into fast, agile, innovative, and human-centric organizations. The current economy is characterized by rapidly accelerating change associated with the digitalization of the global economy. As a result, fast adaptation and new management principles are needed to stay relevant and competitive.

Corporations and large organizations currently feel pressure to transform their organizations towards new leadership principles such as example being agile and innovative, but lack a clear understanding of these principles and of the complex and systemic phenomenon of business transformation. In addition, they lack a blueprint as there doesn’t exist one. This course fills these gaps. The webinar is led by world-known instructors, known for their competence in the field of business transformation. Further, the webinar is packed with practical insights, deep first-hand experience, and eye-opening case studies and offers direct interaction between business leaders from companies active in multiple industries and countries across the world.

Dr. Janka is an industry professional, author, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of industrial transformation practice in multinational companies, from leading transformation projects and effective technology rollouts, coaching of national and international organizations up to design and implementation of enterprise-wide transformation strategies for leading global brands.

In 2016 she co-founded co-shift GmbH, supporting companies in digital transformation and business ecosystems. As a trainer and coach, she works with companies of all sizes to set up transformation initiatives, to adapt their corporate innovation frameworks and to build business ecosystems for accelerating market dynamics.

Jochen Goeser is leading the biggest transformation in100 years of existence at Robert Bosch Power Tools. As the Global Project Lead Agile Transformation he is pursuing a program working on five dimensions (leadership, collaboration, organization, processes & methods and strategy) to address three major trends changing the power tools industry Globalization, Digitalization, and Collaboration.

Professors Dr. Bill Fischer and Dr. Annika Steiber supported these two leading figures with analysis and questions.