Course: Maximize the Human Potential: How to Transform Your Organization


Part 1: April 19 & 20, 2023
Part 2: April 26 & 27, 2023
Time: 9am – 12pm Pacific Time
Location: Zoom (Virtual Course)


This virtual business course will explore how to successfully transform bureaucratic enterprises into fast, agile, innovative, and human-centric organizations. The current economy is characterized by rapidly accelerating change associated with the digitalization of the global economy. As a result, fast adaptation and new management principles are needed to stay relevant and competitive.

Corporations and large organizations currently feel pressure to transform their organizations towards new leadership principles such as example being agile and innovative, but lack a clear understanding of these principles and of the complex and systemic phenomenon of business transformation. In addition, they lack a blueprint as there doesn’t exist one. This course fills these gaps. The course is led by world-known instructors, known for their competence in the field of business transformation. Further, the course is packed with practical insights, deep first-hand experience, and eye-opening case studies and offers direct interaction between business leaders from companies active in multiple industries and countries across the world. Key to these practical insights will be CEO and President of GE Appliances a Haier Company, Kevin Nolan, as he explains how the RenDanHeYi management model was used to transform GE Appliances after the company was acquired. Also Goeser, from Bosch Power Tools will offer his insights and practical experience implementing the concepts of this course.


– Identify and apply management principles of the new paradigm

– Understand and apply key components affecting a complex and systemic phenomenon such as a business transformation

– Main approaches to business transformation- bottom-up versus top-down

– The first 3 steps on how to prepare and start your company’s transformation

– Build a toolbox for how to continue and sustain the transformation process


Part 1:

Module 1- Competing in the digital age
Module 2- Challenges & Opportunities for companies
Module 3- The Big Paradigm shift: Human-Centricity, Agility, Speed, and Innovation
Module 4- Excelling in the Big Four
Module 5- Industry Case Studies

Part 2:

Module 6- Paradigm shift & Transformation inside the Enterprise
Module 7- Achieving the Big Four
Module 8- Leading the Transformation
Module 9- The Transformation Toolbox


– Forward-looking executives/business leaders who want to lead and successfully transform their organizations and businesses in the digital economy

– Educators and researchers who want to ensure to feature the latest management ideas in their teaching and research work.

– Consultants who want to push their customers to the boundaries of their present organization


“Digital connectivity dramatically changes the business landscape. This must-read equips leaders with game-changing knowledge and conceptual approaches for the future of business.” -Markus Bentele, Group CIO MAHLE International GmbH (Review for Janka’s book  FUTURE LEGENDS)

Reviews from Janka’s speaking events: “Highlight of the conference” “Straight to the point practical experience. Awesome!” “Best speech of the summit” “Fascinating insights” “Entertaining, proficient and professional”


We hosted a 45 minute webinar on this very topic with Dr. Janka Krings-Kleibe, Jochen Goeser, Dr. Bill Fischer, and Dr. Annika Steiber which you can view to gain more insight into the value this course will bring you and any organization you are a part of. View Here

Most participants have found that their firm will reimburse the fee.
We have several discounts: Group discounts for teams of 3 or more, Early bird discounts, Loyalty discounts for returning individuals or organizations, and ambassador discounts. Email us for more details: Unfortunately we currently don’t offer scholarships.
We design the sessions for the busy, full-time professional while also providing a live interactive event. The sessions are four hours long on three successive Wednesdays. While this doesn’t suit everyone, we have found that most executives can squeeze this into a busy schedule. Our experience showed that there were very few dropouts along the way. Almost all who started finished the course.
These are live interactive sessions involving learning by doing, not recorded lectures. To get the full benefit of the course, you have to be there.
You will become eligible for a PDF certificate signed by the Business Dean and President of Menlo College as well as digital badge. The digital badge integrates into the LinkedIn platform, and the certificate can be displayed physically or as a post.
To accentuate the learning by doing a theme of the course, we do suggest that participants apply what they are learning in their regular daily work. When participants do this, it really brings the materials to life.
Discussions in the group are governed by the Chatham House rule. However, we cannot guarantee that all participants will honor this commitment. If something is confidential, we suggest that you don’t share it.
Please send any questions or inquiries to