Course: Dynamic Capabilities as the New Board and Executive Strategy


Date: Upcoming 2023
Location: Zoom (Virtual Course)


The current economic era demands a focus on companies’ continuing commitment to change.  Rather than slowing down in the post-pandemic world, change is picking up speed and becoming a constant. To survive, your organization needs a strategy and a management model that can adapt and flex with the pace of change, rather than being disrupted. Leading companies such as Haier, GE Appliances, Google, Microsoft, and many more now state: Not developing is the biggest risk!  They all identify three elements to change which the company must excel at, and manage: understanding change, mobilizing to change, and transforming to change. In other words, every company has to develop, and be excellent on executing Dynamic Capabilities- and this should be a strategic focus for the Board of Directors and Executives.

This unique four-hour virtual course will not only guide you on your journey to build these scarce, and usually non-imitable Dynamic Capabilities, but will also allow you to learn, discuss, and question them by directly interacting with one of the founders of Dynamic Capabilities and a Top 50 Business Intellectuals, Professor David Teece. He will provide a framework that will help the top management team and the board assess the opportunities and risks and take the necessary actions.


– Professor David Teece’s view of the current digital economy and how this affect organizations and companies all over the world

– Dynamic Capabilities- what it is and why it will be necessary for any corporation

– How to embed Dynamic Capabilities into your strategy process and management model

– The case of Haier and their model RenDanHeYi for building and executing dynamic capabilities


Module 1- Why Companies Need Strong Dynamic Capabilities More Than Ever:  Geopolitical and regulatory uncertainties

Module 2- How Do Dynamic Capabilities Differ from Ordinary (Operational) Capabilities

Module 3- Dynamic Capabilities as the (New) Language of Top-Class CEOs/Founders

Module 4- Drilling Down Deeper-Dynamic Capabilities Explicated & Integration of Strategy and Capabilities

Module 5- Case: The management model RenDanHeYi & Dynamic Capabilities


This course is for board of directors and executives and seasoned consultants who want their organizations to be able to compete successfully, not just by putting the latest technologies and business processes to best practice, but also by understanding and relying on the new paradigm for how to win in the competitive race of changing with the pace of external change.

– Forward-looking board of directors

– Forward-looking executives

-Practice-oriented academics and consultants who want to understand  what is wrong with the conventional wisdom


Who’s Who Legal: Thought Leaders – Competition 2022 recognized David Teece as a thought leader “worthy of special mention owing not only to [his] vast expertise and experience advising on some of the world’s most significant and cutting-edge legal matters, but also [his] ability to innovate, inspire, and go above and beyond to deliver for [his] clients.”


We hosted a 30 minute webinar on this very topic with Dr. David Teece and Dr. Annika Steiber which you can view to gain more insights into the value this course will bring you and any organization you are a part of. View Here


We design the sessions for the busy, full-time professional while also providing a live interactive event. While this doesn’t suit everyone, we have found that most executives can squeeze this into a busy schedule. Our experience showed that there were very few dropouts along the way.
These are live interactive sessions involving learning by doing, not recorded lectures. To get the full benefit of the course, you have to be there.
You will become eligible for a signed certificate and digital badge, if you participate actively in all three sessions. The digital badge integrates into the LinkedIn platform, and the certificate can be displayed physically or as a post.
To accentuate the learning by doing a theme of the course, we do suggest that participants apply what they are learning in their regular daily work. When participants do this, it really brings the materials to life.
Discussions in the group are governed by the Chatham House rule. However, we cannot guarantee that all participants will honor this commitment. If something is confidential, we suggest that you don’t share it.
Most participants have found that their firm will reimburse the fee.
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