Date: Nov 30, Dec 7, & 14
Time: 7am – 11am Pacific Time
Location: Zoom (Virtual Course)


Everyone talks about ecosystems today, but few really understand the enormous potential that comes from very different forms of ecosystems. Drawing on decades of research and work with successful entrepreneurs and leaders of major companies around the world, this course will focus on the untapped potential of dynamic ecosystems. In a world of mounting performance pressure, all our institutions (companies, governments, NGOs, etc.) will need to discover ways to create and deliver increasing value through new forms of ecosystems.

This course will explore how to unleash that potential at three levels:

Leverage – shifting from inhouse to outsourced

Orchestrate – shifting from chains to networks

Accelerate –shifting from static to dynamic

The course will help you to understand the forces that are both making this an imperative and an opportunity but, more importantly, it will focus on the actions that can be taken and the techniques required to unleash the value from very new ways of managing ecosystems. It will help all the participants to make the journey required to be successful in a rapidly changing world.


These concepts will be reinforced with case studies presented by experts and first hand industry professionals. We’re happy to have Professor Emeritus Dr. Marshall Meyer attending to speak on his insights into Haier, and Kevin Nolan CEO of GE Appliances present the GEA case. The GE Appliances and Haier case studies will be of particular interest as they explore a company implementing the RenDanHeYi Management Model successfully here in America, as well as the company that invented the model in China.



Day 1

Module 1 – The Big Shift
Module 2 – The power of leverage ecosystems
Module 3 – Key steps for successful, scalable ecosystems

Day 2

Module 4 – Orchestrating for impact
Module 5 – Shifting to loosely coupled business processes
Module 6 – Focusing on user impact and catalyzing dynamic ecosystems

Day 3

Module 7 – Accelerating impact
Module 8 – Learning by creating new knowledge and deploying learning platforms
Module 9 – Motivating participants and make it happen



– Forward-looking executives/business leaders who want to lead and successfully transform their organizations and businesses in the digital economy

– Educators and researchers who want to ensure to feature the latest management ideas in their teaching and research work.

– Consultants who want to push their customers to the boundaries of their present organization

We design the sessions for the busy, full-time professional while also providing a live interactive event. The sessions are four hours long on three successive Wednesdays. While this doesn’t suit everyone, we have found that most executives can squeeze this into a busy schedule. Our experience showed that there were very few dropouts along the way. Almost all who started finished the course.
These are live interactive sessions involving learning by doing, not recorded lectures. To get the full benefit of the course, you have to be there.
You will become eligible for a signed certificate and digital badge, if you participate actively in all three sessions. The digital badge integrates into the LinkedIn platform, and the certificate can be displayed physically or as a post.
To accentuate the learning by doing a theme of the course, we do suggest that participants apply what they are learning in their regular daily work. When participants do this, it really brings the materials to life.
Discussions in the group are governed by the Chatham House rule. However, we cannot guarantee that all participants will honor this commitment. If something is confidential, we suggest that you don’t share it.
Most participants have found that their firm will reimburse the fee.
Please send any questions or inquiries to rendanheyicenter@menlo.edu