OnDemand Webinar: From Empires to Rain Forests: Haier’s RenDanHeYi as the model for success in the platform era.

From people to business model innovation, Haier created and evolved a unique organizational model called Rendanheyi, which roughly means “Employee, Customer, Happiness”. Building on the tradition of living and complex adaptive systems, a community of over 80’000 employees crafted principles and practices to succeed in this platform era by tightly coupling customer value and entrepreneurial energy at a scale and with results never seen before.

This webinar explored the surprising story, the inspiring ideas and the insightful solutions through which Haier kept anticipating the market and disrupting itself from within for 36 years, to become the global leader in whitegoods appliances.

Through the first-hand knowledge of Prof. Bill Fisher, the market experience with Rendaheyi of Simone Cicero and Emanuele Quintarelli, the deep understanding of innovation dynamics of Dr. Annika Steiber, viewers will gain an rich, inside-out understanding of the transformational value and historical connections but also the open challenges and the potential areas of further development of the Rendanheyi model, as the inspiration from a new breed of entrepreneurial, ecosystemic and adaptive organizations fit for the unpredictable world in which we are all immersed.


Prof. Bill Fischer – IMD Professor, MIT SLOAN, author of the book “Reinventing giants” and long time consultant of Haier’s iconic CEO Zhang Ruimin

Simone Cicero – Co-founder Boundaryless and Original Ideator Platform Design Toolkit

Emanuele Quintarelli – Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization Microenterprise Lead

Dr. Annika Steiber – Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Menlo College