The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Insights for Success

Become empowered by understanding the dimensions and impact of a fourth industrial revolution that is projected to radically shift the nature of how all of us work, live, and play. Use this knowledge to provide timely insight into the strategic planning of both your organization and your own career. 

The world is being transformed by the forces of emerging technologies, demographic shifts, rapid urbanization, changing climate, and more. Over the next few decades, these trends will radically reinvent every aspect of the human experience including how we learn, work, move, communicate, and interact. This three-event professional certificate dives deep into the disruptive changes underway in science and culture, and their impact on your organization and you.

Led by world-renowned authority on macro trends and award-winning professor, Dr. Jonathan Reichental, you’ll learn about the central technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. Upon completion, you’ll have essential insights that can help you and your organization succeed.