OnDemand Webinar: The Untapped Potential of Dynamic Ecosystems

Time: 45 mins

We need to understand and accept the new paradigm and focus on designing and managing ecosystems that help all participants to learn faster.
Open innovation across company borders is here to stay. Everyone is talking about business ecosystems, but we’re not yet addressing the full potential of coming together into dynamic ecosystems. This webinar will explore what we need to do to unleash this potential featuring company examples demonstrating the power of ecosystems and shared knowledge networks, along with how traditional management thinking doesn’t apply to these new ways of product and idea creation.

This is what attendees of John Hagel and Dr. Annika Steiber’s Dynamic Ecosystem executive education course said:

“Professor Hagel and Dr. Steiber unravel the dynamic ecosystems blueprint with brilliant case studies, paradigm shift thinking, and clear action steps. Highly recommend it.” – Venu Sripada
“Provocative, dense, challenging for remaining all time dynamic!”
“I was very humbled and grateful to attend “Dynamic ecosystems with John Hagel”. The unique fit of both ecosystem innovation & excellent guidance from John Hagel and Annika Steiber. Offers new insight and learnings that can help provide your organization with strategies for growth and innovation.”