OnDemand Webinar: Transformation Leadership for Exponential Impact in the Digital Age

Turning Mounting Pressures Into Expanding Opportunities!

We are in the early stages of a Big Shift in the global economy that is creating both exponentially expanding opportunity and mounting performance pressures. Our institutions and leadership models were designed for a previous era. Leaders will have to become the catalyst for profound institutional change.

Drawing on decades of research and the opportunity to work with leaders of major companies around the world as well as successful entrepreneurs: John Hagel, Founder of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, Adrian Otto from Google, and Antonio Boadas, CCO at GE Appliances: a Haier company,  in this webinar focused on the changing role and practices of leaders.

Researcher, Author, & Director of the Rendanheyi Silicon Valley Center, Dr. Annika Steiber will probed main speaker John Hagel with questions to explore his decades of experience and trend setting research into leadership strategies for the digital age. John Hagel has four decades of experience as a leader at Deloitte, best selling author, faculty member at Singularity University, 15 year contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and much more. Mr. Hagel’s insights are supported by case company examples and testimonials presented by GE appliances, and Google.