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Time: Four Hours, Self-Paced
Location: Online

IMPORTANT: Use code MENLO10 when you register for 10% off!!


In association with World Of Business Ideas (WOBI), and world leading CX authority Don Peppers we are happy to bring you a self-paced course that will prepare you or your organization, to deal with the rapidly evolving world.

The technologies that facilitate interactivity and mass customization now enable a company to engage with each individual customer and tailor its product or service offering for that single customer, one customer at a time, even if the company has millions of customers.

This transforms the way businesses compete, smashing together the traditional customer-facing functions of marketing, sales, and customer service into the single overriding customer-centric function of managing the customer experience. To compete successfully in this new paradigm, a business must focus on and continuously expand the set of needs it can satisfy for each customer, in effect building zero distance to users and a customer experience ecosystem involving other business units, affiliates, service providers, and partners to be capable of offering an ever more complete array of products and services for meeting that customer’s needs.

Find out more about the skills you will learn and modules in this course on the WOBI website by clicking the “Register” button link.


– Forward-looking executives/business leaders who want to lead and successfully transform their organizations and businesses in the digital economy

– Educators and researchers who want to ensure to feature the latest management ideas in their teaching and research work.

– Consultants who want to push their customers to the boundaries of their present organization


“We had an amazing session with Don and well received by the group!” – Yahoo

“The sessions yesterday were fantastic for everyone. They helped our associates get back in touch with what is important in a fun, and engaging way. Don is an entertaining speaker with a great message.” – Independence Blue Cross

“Don brings a fresh perspective and impactful insights around how to truly develop a meaningful relationship with your customers. His ideas and thoughts are practical and easy to understand. I value our partnership.” – Comcast West

IMPORTANT: Use code MENLO10 when you register for 10% off!!

As a self-paced and OnDemand course you can make progress in this 4 hour course whenever you have time!
The World Of Business Ideas (WOBI) that is hosting Don Pepper's course offer a certificate upon completion of each module and passing an evaluation.
To accentuate the learning by doing a theme of the course, we do suggest that participants apply what they are learning in their regular daily work. When participants do this, it really brings the materials to life.
Most participants have found that their firm will reimburse the fee.
The discount we offer for this course is at checkout use code: MENLO10 for 10% off.
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