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 Learn the Rendanheyi management model, popularized by Haier, or any of the other leading models we will refer to and use in our courses.


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Stay on the cutting edge of management for the 21st century and an ever-changing business environment.


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Collaborate with like-minded and forward-thinking business leaders and innovators.

A management model for the digital economy.

Dr. Annika Steiber of Menlo College brings you the latest in management knowledge. In collaboration with HMI at Haier (Haier’s Management Innovation Research Institute), she established the Rendanheyi Silicon Valley Center – located in the heart of Silicon Valley – to research, develop, and offer the next generation management courses fit for the 21st century.

With the constant change in the business world, the center focuses on management for the 21st Century, a century characterized by rapid technological development and disruptive innovations. Our community of researchers has identified six key areas that will need to be radically different from the current status quo to achieve success in this new environment. These six areas come together to form what we call the 360° Digital Age Mindset.

Strategy, Leadership, Culture, Organization, Ecosystem, Customer, Experience, and Technology

Our mission is to support forward-looking business leaders in managing or even transforming their companies in the 21st Century, by offering a new generation of business webinars, highly interactive virtual certificate courses, and custom corporate programs.

Sister Centers

The Silicon Valley Center is part of an international network of research centers, which focus on new management concepts for the rapidly changing modern economy. This international network is under the umbrella of Haier Model Research Institute (HMI).

Italy- Boundaryless (Platform Design Toolkit)

London- European Rendanheyi Research Center by Thinkers50


The Rendanheyi Silicon Valley Center partners with other leading forums and organizations in order to spread and source the latest management ideas. We’re happy to do the work to bring more value to our community and show the power of ecosystems by practicing what we preach.

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