Real Estate: A Wise Investment

The real estate industry is 30+% of the US economy with a wide range of professional careers available. From leasing and sales to REITs and investments, and from appraisal and valuation to commercial property management, real estate education is an investment in your future. Making up nearly half of global wealth, real estate is one of the most profitable markets today. Experts predict that those who pursue real estate executive education will be rewarded with a wide-open job market and a lucrative career.  



Calculating and Taking Risks

Learn data-driven strategies for investing in real estate and how to navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape.


Market Knowledge

Gain confidence to consider new areas of investing, or professional opportunities in corporate real estate and commercial property management or the tried  and true  residential and commercial sales and leasing, and many options before and after those.



Build connections at Menlo College in the heart of Silicon Valley, at the center of Bay Area real estate.

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